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Espey has continued to design, develop and manufacture innovative industrial and defense electronic solutions, since 1928. Espey manufactures and supports magnetic components and power conversion electronics for many military and long-running programs including C-130 Aircraft, High Voltage Radar Power Supplies and Subsystems for NAVY E2C Hawkeye, Power Supply Subsystems and full Transmitter Rack Systems for NATO Early Warning and NAVY Fire Control Radar Systems, Magnetic Components and High Power Transformers for Air, Sea and Ground Radar Systems, Power Supplies for Locomotives, Power Supplies for Electronic Warfare, and Vision Systems/Target Acquisition Systems, Low Noise Transformers for NAVY Submarines, Miniature High Voltage Power Supplies for Missile Guidance, UPS Power Supply with Load Shedding Control and Communications System for MX777 Lightweight Howitzer Digital Control. Espey is actively involved in many current programs including 3-Phase Power Distribution for NAVY LCS, Aircraft Support Power Supplies for NAVY DDG1000, Transformers for Sea-Based and Land-Based Ballistic Radar Systems.