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DC/DC Power Converter (Railway – Rolling Stock)

Espey developed this power converter supply for a major locomotive manufacturer. This high reliability power supply was designed and tested for extreme locomotive environmental conditions. This Power supply is capable of parallel operation with like units in a redundant fashion. This power DC/DC Power Converter operates from a very wide input ranging from 25 to 85 Vdc.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 25 – 85 Vdc
  • Output Voltage: +5,+15,-15,+19,+24,-24 Vdc
  • Output Power: 1000 watts continuous/channel
  • Regulation, Line & Load: ±5%
  • Efficiency: 75 % minimum

Mechanical Specifications

  • Weight: 40 lbs. max
  • Size: 10″x10″x15″
  • Aluminum extrusion with integral heatsink


  • Output current limit protection
  • 20% design margin on power and current ratings
  • Power enable control signal
  • Soft-start with battery voltage application or enable control signal
  • Qualified to locomotive environment extremes
  • Qualified for EMI
  • High Reliability Design
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