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Grade 4 Transformers and Inductors

Espey Mfg. designs and manufactures magnetics for its own power supply requirement and that of its customers. Espey knowledge of power supply topologies enables each magnetic to be engineered with the working experience required for seamless integration into converter and inverter designs.

Electrical Specifications


  • Inductors:
    AC, DC, swinging, saturable, common-mode,
    resonant, coupled, filter, more..
  • Transformers:
    Power, fly-back, resonant, pulse, more..

Mechanical Specifications


  • Wire size: > 42 AWG
  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Inserts/ Heat sinks
  • Custom encapsulant formulations for specific requirements


  • Operating frequencies up to and exceeding 600kHz.
  • Toroid, bobbin, layer wound, and planar designs available inhouse.
  • Custom Components to unique board/power supply layout challenges.
  • Utilizing modern techniques for hermetic sealing.


  • MIL-PRF-27F
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