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The MAC-500 is a versatile power inverter with the capability to convert 24/28V DC input to 120V AC with 60Hz True Sine Wave output. The convenience outlet is typically used for laptops, IPODS, Cell Phone or any device needing 120V AC input.

The MAC-500 can be modified for any type installation and configured with any type input or output connector which makes it one of the world’s most adaptable 24/28V DC to 120V AC power inverter. The MAC-500 has been designed for rugged and harsh conditions; it is both water resistant and dust proof. Suitable applications are Transit Rail, Off Highway Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Service Vehicles, Military Ground Vehicles and Marine applications. Although designed with these punishing environments in mind the MAC-500 can be used for any application requiring 120V AC power with a 24/28 V DC input. For more information please go to MAC-500.

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