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DC/AC Power Inverter (Railway - Rolling Stock)

Product ID: GE-857-PS

Espey Mfg. designed and manufactures a line of power conversion products for railroad rolling stock and off-highway vehicles. The switchmode power supplies are customized for unique applications including braking, and signaling control, auxiliary traction support and voltage conditioning for distribution.

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DC/AC Static Inverter (Shipboard)

This DC/AC Static Shipboard Inverter unit creates a sine wave reference derived from a dc input. It functions as an inverter for a synchro-resolver used aboard naval ships to track the position of radar antennas. This unit operates in harsh Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency environments of local radar transmitter antennas as well as up to 2” of standing water. This Shipboard Inverter operates through multi-megawatt radar pulse exposure.

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Tactical Universal AC to DC Power

The Espey Tactical Power Supply provides regulated 28VDC power from any AC power source in the range of 100-253VAC, 47-420 Hz. It is ideally suited for powering dismounted tactical vehicle systems in anywhere AC power is available. The sealed mechanical design provides protection for the electrical components against dust, water immersion and external environmental factors.

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DC to AC Power – Vehicle Power

High-quality AC power designed for rugged commercial and military vehicle use. The Espey MS-28-120AC-2500 inverter provides safe reliable power with no derating up to 50C ambient temperature. A sealed enclosure and waterproof fan allow for meeting fording and wash down requirements while also preventing electrical hazards in the event of water exposure. 

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