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Espey has been developing test equipment to support production needs for many years.

Our goal is to create an ATE setup that is as flexible as possible. The ATE may be simply configured to perform incoming or final inspection or it may have the ability to also test subassemblies and perform in-process testing during a production run. When configured for multiple module testing a Test Interface Box is typically developed for each module. Test results can be saved to a database for retrieval later or for further analyses.

Espey’s experienced technical staff and manufacturing capabilities of any necessary electrical or mechanical interface assures a quick turnaround.

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Tactical Universal AC to DC Power

The Espey Tactical Power Supply provides regulated 28VDC power from any AC power source in the range of 100-253VAC, 47-420 Hz. It is ideally suited for powering dismounted tactical vehicle systems in anywhere AC power is available. The sealed mechanical design provides protection for the electrical components against dust, water immersion and external environmental factors.

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