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412 Amp Processor Power Supply

Espey Mfg. designed and manufactures this power supply for prime military contractor for use in a Processor Cabinet powering VME equipment.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input: 115V/200V three phase with ground, 400 Hz
  • Output:
    +5V 32.9A
    +3.3V 412.2A
    +12V 1.0A
    -12V 1.0A

Mechanical Specifications

  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Cooling: Forced Air
  • Withstands Severe Shock/Vibration Environment
  • Blind Mate Interconnects, Rack Mount


  • Aircraft 115/200 VAC 400 Hz
  • Multiple outputs including high current DC output – 3.3VDC, 412A
  • Output Voltage Test Points
  • Over-temperature Warning Indication
  • Over Voltage and Over Current Protected Outputs
  • Remote Sense for Excellent Load Regulation
  • Front Panel LED’s Indicate Input and Output Voltage Status
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