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Filter Inductor

This inductor design was developed as a DC link filter inductor for an advanced power system, high power, PWM inverter. The unit operates with a continuous coolant temperature of 90ºC for hybrid vehicle applications. The embedded cold plate is electrical isolated from the inductor winding, and vacuum encapsulated in a thermally filled epoxy.

Electrical Specifications

  • 170uH at 150ADC, 10% ripple at 15kHz per inductor
  • Dual Inductor assembly
  • Total Loss per Inductor 140W

Mechanical Specifications

  • Liquid Cooled: EGW 50/50 at 90ºC,2GPM
  • Pressure Drop: 14psi
  • Weight: 50lbs


  • Inverter duty designed
  • 170uH at 150ADC, 10% ripple at 15kHz
  • Dual inductor
  • Liquid cooled, indirect
  • Vacuum encapsulated
  • MIL-PRF-27, Grade 5, Class U (180ºC)
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