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General Purpose Production Power Supply ATE

This ATE was developed to provide Production test capability to a variety of multi output AC to DC and DC-toDC power supplies. It is currently used to test over 15 different types. Change over between types is less then 5 minutes.

Electrical Specifications

  • UUT Power Sources:
    0-200Vdc @ 150 Amps
    0-300Vdc @ 3 Amps
    0-60Vdc @ 3 Amps
    0-300Vac, 17-5000Hz, 3 phase
  • Measurements:
    5-½ digit DMM
    AC or DC voltage
    Resistance to 1 gig-ohm
    20 point switching multiplexer
  • DC Loads for 10 individual outputs voltages up to 400
    Vdc Power up to 3500W
  • Other:
    20 General Purpose Relays
    16 Bits Digital I/O
    2 Analog Reference signals
    IEEE-488 bus

Mechanical Specifications

  • Size: Standard height 19” rack
  • Computer: AMD processor


  • Performs Subassembly Testing and Final Acceptance Testing
  • Pass Data stored in Database
  • Standardized interface panel
  • UUT specific Test Interface Box provides connection to the ATE and any specialize test circuit.
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