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Miniature Switch Mode Power Supply ATE

This particular miniature switched mode power supply (SMPS) ATE was developed for a subcontractor to provide a turnkey testing solution for their production needs. It combines the testing requirements of 4 different sub-assemblies during production into one integrated ATE.

Electrical Specifications

  • DC Source: +/- 0-26Vdc tracking PS
  • DC Loads for -2500Vdc, +640Vdc, +180Vdc, +/-15Vdc, +5Vdc
  • Voltage Measurements, All outputs
  • Ripple Measurements, All Outputs


  • Visual Basic
  • Access Database

Mechanical Specifications

  • Size: Standard ½ height 19” rack
  • Computer: AMD processor
    Rack mount
    Space saving LCD screen
    IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface


  • Performs subassembly testing at three different stages during assembly
  • Performs Final Acceptance Testing
  • Pass data stored in database
  • Reusable test head
  • Hardcopy test data output
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