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Espey designed and manufactures this power amplifier for ground based mobile armament combat vehicle application. The amplifier supports the servo action of the turret drive, providing 4-quadrant drive operation of the motor drive. It is air-cooled and able to withstand the shock and vibration in critical/severe environments.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input: +/- 10 VDC
  • Output: +/- 100 Amp
  • Rating: 2200W continuous
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Power Density: 9 W/in3

Mechanical Specifications

  • Air-cooled
  • Withstands Severe Shock/Vibration Environment


  • 2200W Continuous Rating
  • Control and Monitoring:
  • Current Range Select
  • External Set Current Limiting
  • Internal Supply Monitors
  • Amplifier Status Monitors
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Under/Over Voltage Protection

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